The Contemplative Practice

Many of the distractions of daily life are pleasant, but for me the most meaningful is my contemplative time. On days that I don ‘t get to it, I am less connected to wholeness. This is simply because I am a singular part of a whole-system world. As are you.

Today I had time to think about how I evolved into who I am now. And it suddenly occurred to me that I chose the path that led me to this version of myself because it was lacking in my own upbringing. For instance, I would say I am spiritual, not religious. I am inclusive, not so afraid of those who do not look like me because in my childhood I lived in a different country. I was the foreigner there.

I am sure that if you think about how you grew up you will be able to see traits in yourself that either limited you, or made you more comfortable in strange settings. For instance, many of my boyfriends thought that I was a flirt. But truly, I just never met a stranger. I would talk to whomever looked interesting to me, male or female. That was a born instinct. Fear on the other hand, tends to isolate that person. So when they meet others who are fearful, they naturally gravitate to them. There is a spectrum of awareness that is limited in some humans, and expansive in others, but the majority of us are rather neutral.

If I had to describe who I think I am, many of my friends and acquaintances would not necessarily agree. My internal self-image is different apparently from what others see. This has been a theme in my life. Eventually, I began to incorporate the strength that others saw emanating from my words and actions, but this was a long, long process. I didn’t really come into myself until my early forties. How about you? Additionally, I was never called to Academic pursuits because I found life itself so stimulation. It may have been because of my matriarchal “gift”, that of being an extra-sensory woman, but education always came to me from my interaction with others, and especially other life forms.

You may not prefer country living, or growing a garden, or living in a more connected frame of reference to all that is around you, but you are still a highly developed human with a life path that reflects an environment that stimulates your creativity, your sense of connectedness to others, your satisfaction with how you finance your life, and other such activities. That is, if you allow this frame of reference to grow stronger. There are also many of us who trudge through life. In their point of view it may seem that opportunities are limited. That is likely because when they grew up, there were held back by situations that could not be overcome by the family, ethnicity, language barrier, etc.

My thought for today helped me realize that the path I cultivated in my own life was one that included adventure, nature, what some called heresy, fantasy or dreaming and I called exploration of my psyche, these actually tempered my ability to be compassionate. Being slightly on the fringe allowed me a freedom to simply observe, question, contemplate, or consider another’s point of view as different from my own, but still viable. I didn’t have to agree to be friends. And I think that is my point in this post. I am okay with your point of view as long as you don’t try to suppress mine.

In the current global mindset, we are at war with one another. This trend has been brewing in the hearts and minds of people who have felt more disenfranchised because they actually were; which is why Black Lives Matter was a wake-up call for many white-skinned people, of which I am one. Part of this trend is a lingering wound in the collective psyche of humanity. Oh yes, we are all affected by our ancestral and historic heritage. And the world has evolved so slowly over the past 100 years that many of the entrenched hatreds of today are still influencing the newer generations. How else can we account for White Supremacy? The natural tendency of human’s is to want to stay within their own ‘tribe’ yet when they do they do not evolve as efficently, I think, as those who learn to co-mingle.

One solution may be to invite interracial marriage as a normalcy. If we have more of a blending of cultures we may be able to appreciate others more easily. In my own DNA are traces of both Native American and African Continent genetic traits. Not surprising as genetic study is becoming more complex and categoric. Was this why I was able to cross an invisible racial comfort line zone? Race was never an issue for me but I was smart enough to know that is was for others. So I demonstrated kindness without knowing it, simply because I had less of a tendency to see “others” around me, so much as individuals around me. A minister friend of me once said, ‘Some day we will be less white and more tea colored, maybe then things will get better.’

I take time out to contemplate because it creates a richer tapestry for me to live in, and this makes me someone who is easily able to be a part of society that is different than I am. What would happen to you and your life if you took time out to really get to know how you came to be who you are without blaming the circumstances of your birth and looked at the path you have chosen to walk as a road-map to who you really are? You are a living example of what your belief structure is. And, my darlings, beliefs are not made of stone if you are feeling the impulse of creation to expand your personal evolutionary journey.

Meditation does not come easily, but contemplation takes very little effort and brings me tremendous insights into myself and the collective psyche of humanity. Once there, I can be more compassionate because it is easy to see who is still struggling in their very existence and I can take time out to focus on the situations which caused their unhappiness. That means I am able to participate in solution-driven discussions with others of like-mind.

Are you and I of like-mind? I would love to hear from you what you have learned about yourself. Keep me posted?


With the advent of the 21st century I began to sense a change in the way the Unified Field and I are connected, in fact we are all connected naturally as part of our evoultionary destiny in this dimension.

To simplify, what science calls the Unified Field is itself a type of “Consciousness”; because of it there is a collective opportunity for humanity to evolve with shared intention — you get to fill in the blank about what your intention may be — and the Unified Field organizes your intention to combine with that of others who are interested in identical or at least similar intentions.

So if you have thought you can’t affect the changes necessary in the world to foster prosperity, peace, justice and/or a return to balance around the world — you would be wrong. Simply because we have not been taught that we are, at the core: energy beings, and that energy is mutable, informable, and changeable, does not mean that this statement isn’t true.

I invite you to consider that the Unified Field has the ability to drive evolutionary and revolutionary change in its most powerfully manifested expression. We each inform (with our thoughts) the Unified Field about what “Humanity” wants to cocreate with it. It cocreates the strongest impulse it receives from us.

When we see change in the world, it has begun as a thought — one that has gained momentum in the Unified Field because other’s share that thought, or some version of that thought. “Life” wants to create for itself, this impulse is built into our consciousness.

I now consider the organizing capacity of the Unified Field to be equal in scope to what we have traditionally called the power of God. And, for millenium we have prayed to our Gods of many names for help to change what we are experiencing personally when we approach that threshold of feeling helpless.

We should never be embarrassed because we feel helpless. Who in the world does not recognize the state of emotional instability that is the currency of our people. In this country, our leaders are modeling negative messages that harken back to suppression of a citizen’s right to vote with ease, for instance.

Around the world financial institutions are artificially driving the cost of everything higher and higher. Greed is a dominant driver in the financial markets and instruments we have that were intended to help us retire and live a better quality of life. Government has rescinded benefits for it’s peoples around the world.

Our world view right now is polluted with non-human messaging driven by business and greed. But, because they are headed by humans, those thought-forms and “instructions”, if you will, for the Unified Field are then accepted as humanity’s will to create a new world story. The Unified Field does what it does — it begins to draw energy together that supports this message.

If one message is stronger in intention than another, the strongest will prevail. Think about your own life. What you put the most energy into is what you usually manifest. Of course, a large percentage of humans also believe in Karma, and that it plays quite a lot in what we manifest. Do you? Can Karma and Personal Choice be a child of the Unified Field? As you evolve, your relationship to everything evolves.

I’ve come to realize that our dual-messaging is what influences what comes into being in each lifetime. Now, a mathematician would have a better way of explaining this as a theory, but history has shown us patterns of what happens because a “majority” defines the socially driven occurrences of each decade. This is a side-thought for you to consider.

The reason I am writing this post is because I have added a new directive to the way I want to express my relationship with humanity. I am consciously co-creating a new world story as I release my older beliefs and attachments, my personal “old story”, and envisioning what can be brought into manifestation in the world tomorrow. I invite you to do the same.

Therefore, I’m considering changing the name of this website, or adding a sub-text to it. As you can imagine, this is incredibly exciting. Both as a minister and as a modern-day philosopher. Keep in mind that we all have “titles” we self-assign and that they change as we change. They are simply mile-markers. Those of you who have been with me since 2010 have witnessed my own metamorphisis. We are all morphing into the Quantum Human that I described in my book; and that has many other “names” given by others who are on a similar or more accelerated path as I hope I am. You are too, the only question is: are you aware of who you are becoming in the present moment?

Just a thought for you to ponder if you are called.

As always, I send you Universal Love, that is all-encompassing, Holy and Co-Creative. May you find your passions, act upon them, refine them with your experiencial reactions while on this journey, and may this cause you to expand your point of view to that of who you were always meant to be — a quantum human living in the 21st century.

Peace you you and yours, and to “the collective humanity” who are bravely living each day as it comes but long to dream a new dream. Namaste’

As the butterfly takes wing

I haven’t posted here in quite a while, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been posting elsewhere,  so it occured to me that I should figure out how to link all of my posting sites together.  OK.  Easier said than done for someone who came to social media in my 50s.

I’m on Instagram as Cassandra.Martin.90813 with a lovely butterfly statue that encourages us to “dream”;  here at on wordpress;  on Twitter as both RevCisiMartin and SacredScience4U;   and soon I’ll be branching out as I return to radio and create a localized profile, because I’ve returned to Tulsa, OK, recently.

And that, dear hearts, is why this offering is referencing a butterfly.

It has been an unbelievable journey back.  For the past 5 years I’ve been in Central Texas near my sister and her children.  I began to feel very isolated in Texas, so I began to meditate to clear my confusion about where I could thrive instead of just survive. Ultimately, Spirit was clear — you cannot thrive here; leave now.  So I did just that.  Now it may sound strange to many that this woman would leave everything and go on a spirit-journey without a safety net.  Oh, contrare…

I’ve done this twice in my life with outstandingly positive results; once in New Mexico and now returning to Tulsa, OK.  In fact, I’ve been walking a spiritual path since my late 20s and have never doubted the advice that I receive when I am in deep contemplation and sacred space.  As you know, when we cultivate the Divine within, it expresses itself without hesitation.  Still, it requires habitual deep listening skills and this practice takes time to develop.

If  you’ve been following me, you already know about my radio show, The Multiple You Universe, my book of the same name; and my previous websites that have since closed but were all devoted to the same path I’m still walking.  In the short future, I’ll be sharing more Sunday Services, Thoughts, Conscious Co-Creation Stories, and so much more.

I hope you will join me again.  Thank you, beloveds, for being part of my reason for continuing to serve during the 21st century.  Blessings to all!

Rev. Cassandra “Cisi” Thomas; formerly Martin


Did You Think I’ve Been Gone?

Hello, once again.   Today is “Thanksgiving Day” in America.  I am deeply grateful to my readers who, over the years have “found” me, helped me find a deeper connection to them, and encouraged me with thoughtful responses to my posts.

During 2010 I had a page entitled:  God-In-Action-is-You-Living-Your-Life.  I had just become an Independent New Thought Minister and wanted to have a spiritual location for people unable to find a less restrictive church home.  Shortly thereafter I started a blog-talk radio show, and it lasted for three years until I had too much on my weekly plate to devote to speaking about new age spirituality — which is actually the ancient spiritually evolving through the millenniums.

Then I moved into sacred activism in my Tahlequah, OK and Tulsa, OK communities.  At the time, my husband John Thomas Martin, also a minister, and I began to volunteer on various projects until I formed two of my own, which he beautifully supported.  I don’t feel my ego needs to tell you just how great a service we supplied to our communities, so I won’t share the long list of our joint contributions.  However,  I am grateful that while living there, we helped to move the dial on citizen involvement in each community.

I also wrote a book that took me 6 years to research and write:  The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st century.  I self published and that was such a headache that I’ve determined that I won’t do that again!

The thing I want to share today is that I am more focused on my mystic perceptions, and the spiritual refining of my inter-dimensional and inner-dimensional (universal) points of view.   As I am am aging, I am experiencing a thinning of the proverbial vail.  Now it seems that all of my senses are working together as a team.  This means I’m in acceleration mode.  It also means that I am letting go of so many “old stories”, that are no longer valid in this new frequency.

This has allowed me to access much higher frequency transmission than when I first began, and this will also be your journey should you choose to accept the challenge of moving forward.  It is my best hope that you and I will become helpers to those in our personal “sphere of influence.  We all need the benefit of people traveling together who feel the need to “serve” humanity.

May we be that for each other.

“We truly can change the world, if we just change our minds.”  Rev. Cassandra L. Thomas-Martin


1700 New Reasons to Impeach Trump

Alright, I admit I would like to see Trump impeached, however, I do not want it to be done without cause and merit.  The title of this post is to tell the truth about Trump.

He approved of a pilot program in 2017 to separate children from the parents who were seeking to enter the US at our borders.  This pilot program became the “zero tolerance” immigration message.  So once again we discover that the Trump administration has “found” another 1700 children who were separated from their parents at the US border.

Once again, I repeat that we have reporting and facts that reveal Trump’s true feelings about migrant immigration which do not align with common decency nor prior procedure for interring migrants coming to our country before his election to the Presidency.

Make no mistake that he has been advising those whom he brought into Cabinet positions aboutf what he would like to see happen on his watch.  The Mueller Report has also listed many examples of sworn testimony showing Trump’s tendency to forget the “law of the land” when it comes to him and what he wants.  And, if you are watching reputable news outlets you have seen for yourself the stories that have revealed his efforts to obstruct justice — brazenly defying existing policy and law!

I do not intend to inform you of all of the facts as I am not a reporter.  I am asking you to become informed if you are not already.  I suspect that my readers are already informed because I tend to appeal to like-minded individuals.  Although I would call myself a sacred activist, I am not radicalized.

For instance, I would say to you to pray for the power written into the offices in our government that have been filled by Trump.  And, not necessarily to pray for the individual holding that office.  I can pray for Justice to prevail in the Office of the President of the United States without seeking the empowerment of its current resident.

I am deeply disturbed by the current events, but I am grateful that the truth is being revealed so that we might really see the policy positions taken by our elected officials.  Elections are coming in 2020.  We, as conservatives, progressives and moderates in the Democratic Party are not perfect, but we are standing firm.  We are united against recent policies enacted by the Party of Trump since his election to the highest office in the land.

I urge people who love the idea of fair justice in this country to run for any office that appeals to them, because we need to flush the current regime out of power.  Thank you for reading my post.  I am honored that you return again and again.

Rev. Cassandra



Sacred Science is the New Reality

The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton debuted around 2005 through Hay House Publishing.  The subtitle of his book was “Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles”; and it was just that for me.  His epilogue to The Biology of Belief  was entitled “Spirit and Science” in which he says of his “aha” moment that  “For me the conclusions were so unambiguous that I instantly went from nonbeliever to believer [in what I would call sacred science].”  Dr. Bruce is a great resource to better understand your cellular body, and how your thoughts and beliefs influence your cellular structure — for the better or worse depending upon your mindset.

Now fast forward with me where years later I saw Dr. Joe Dispenza speak on several YouTube videos.  I was enthralled with the way in which he married science to spirituality.  Joe has spoken of our ability to re-wire the way we think and feel that has told us the story of our failures for years and years.

Ultimately, he teased me with his scientific proof that, in fact as proven by his many  neuroscience experiments, humans are able to consciously meta-morph old thought patterns and behaviors into a new and healthier reality.  Still, I had not been able to make any permanent changes in my old habits — those that no longer served me.

Bet I’m not the only one, right?

“The cells that fire together wire together” Dispenza says.  This is a profound statement that can change your life.  Really.  It has changed mine.   His latest book is Becoming Supernatural.  His breakdown of  the newest science is easily explained and makes the reading comprehensible.

We no longer have to repeat defeat in our personal mental patterns.  With persistence we can rewire our brain to reflect conscious re-programming.  Dr. Joe explains that when you tame your negative chatter (i.e. the critic) you can overcome your old patterns (default mode network in the brain) and you can embrace the quantum mode; which means that every time you overcome an old habit you love yourself more.  When joy enters into your world on a constant wave of potentiality – voila!  Isn’t this called conscious co-creation?

Go to YouTube and look at videos for Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Lipton.  It will give you lots of food for thought.  And, it will inspire you to become the you of your dreams.  I know. I have steadily been re-wiring and re-firing my cells for months!

You can also buy tickets to hear them talk — worth every dollar by the way — or you can save the money by watching these videos and then buy a ticket to your favorite vacation spot instead!

Bon Voyage, beloveds.

The Other Earth

    adventure astronomy constellation dawnPhoto by Pixabay on Pexels.comFor several years I spent time in a meditation practice that meant working with the elemental’s on an etheric version of earth.  Not one to shy away from granting requests from my Divine Helpers, I had agreed to help them to envision a “New Earth” that was pure again, healthy again, and available in another dimension.Yes, I know it sounds very, very strange for me to say that humans were needed to co-create a new version of our beloved Gaia but this was solely because humanity had allowed, and even enthusiastically participated in the breakdown of her natural and sacred resources to the point that in the very near future humans would actually begin to die off because of the poisoned environment, just like the species that have already gone extinct.For those readers who are familiar with “Kryon of Magnetic Service”, perhaps this request that I and many other humans received is not that far fetched an idea.  Quite a few humans say they have channeled assorted Ascended Masters.  Thousands of years ago people believed the Gods spoke to them.  You could go to a God’s  designated temple to ask a question of the concessionary, a priest or priestess.  There are likely excavated examples of this more personal relationship within our archaeological records.  I simply ask why communication with a God or Goddess would be that far of a stretch for those of us living in the 21st century? I invite you to believe me or not.  All I can say with certainty is that one day I was simply saying purification prayers for the elemental, mineral and organic kingdoms of earth and the next day I was helping to build a new earth in the 5th or 6th dimension (they never told me which dimension…) This “job” was mine and that of other spiritual people who were given the same assignment.  About 5 years later I received the message that I could stop and go forward, with blessings, to my next prayerful service for humankind.You see, I believe in giving something back in gratitude for the gift of my life.  This is a very powerful belief I have held since childhood, and I don’t know why or when I first had this thought.  It seems as if I have always sung my prayers;  and I have always believed in fairies and the magic kingdom (not to be confused with Mr. Disney’s version).  In my little world it has always been true that I am surrounded by many different worlds of existence, some not exactly “seen” so much as “sensed”.  Getting back on point, who can deny that our waters, air, earth and fire (as in atomic waste) elements are already polluted, and getting worse with every decade?  It is no wonder to me that I was called upon to push back against corporate Eco-destruction.  There were many days that I actually felt the presence of other “new earth co-creators”, rhetorically speaking, who also felt that our labors were needed.  I also admit that after a few months I quit questioning what I was doing because it felt so right to have this daily practice.  That said, I do not need anyone to validate this devotional duty as it was given freely when I was called to become a high-frequency nurse’s aide!I dare say that the majority of us who are sacred activists on this planet have also volunteered or been called to help hold the potential of a better world through service — perhaps you are working during your sleeping hours.  The thing that shocks me is that even though we have all worked to co-create a better planetary environment, today it looks as if we never did a thing.But, we would be wrong.  There is another earth that has been co-created through loving acts of service by humans and other-than-humans who did the sheer bulk of the terrain forming work.  This work has been a labor of love because the Ascension process requires love at it’s foundation.  From the place that I sit now, at sixty-nine years young I consider it to have been my privilege to be a member of the choir to help rebirth Gaia into another healthy planet capable of singing  its children into creation anew.  Yes, this is another assertion that I can make with an easy conscious.  Frequency is everything.  Why wouldn’t a Creator God want to sing creation into existence? I cannot help but believe that the Gods or God/ess in the singular know how to sing a creation story into existence.  When I was in elementary school one of the teacher’s  used to say, “Alright, children.  Let’s put our thinking caps on!”I now say to you:  “Alright, Beloveds, let’s put our far-seeing glasses on and tell each other what we see in the future!”I’m willing if you are.

Dreaming and the Quantum Field

A dear friend called me recently because she has a copy of my book and wanted to discuss how our dreams may be synced into what science calls the unified energy field.

The first thing we discussed was the newest information about the brain’s traits that give us an energetic picture of what goes on when we think or dream. Not being a scientist I’m going to borrow from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s videos because he is an entertaining lecturer.

Below is a shorty that you might like, speaking to how we can all affect change in our life by consciously working the steps to creating a new reality.

Sacred Science tells us that the Presence of a Creative God in the Universe is our choice to believe or not. However, it also tells us that everything that we are, that we see, that we touch, that we become conscious of, first exists within the unified energy field that is itself a form of consciousness which science does not yet completely understand. We are linked to that energy field automatically.

Simplify that thought like this: before you were conceived physically, you had to be conceived energetically. Your future form experience in physical form had to become real as an energy frequency and then as a consciously directed blueprint of “you”; first in the unified field and then co-created by your parents as they thought about adding a baby to their lives.

Spooky stuff, huh? The brain is an amazing organ and organizer. I think it must move easily between dimensions as it conceptualizes what we consider to be reality. Your brain and the unified field are like kissing cousins, very close but not intimate. One feeds off the other so that co-creation can be accomplished.

You may prefer to think of these two as your physical brain and your Energetic Self whose goal is to co-create your future between them, depending upon your need to experience the sum total of your life lessons during each lifetime. The Energetic Self is also known of as the Soul in esoteric writings.

Depending on what you believe about creation, you can co-create your reality based upon how much time you put into “imagining” your “future you”. This is quantum physics at work naturally without a lot of muss and fuss. Hmmmmm, what is muss again? So much for stream of consciousness writing!

So now let’s say that you are asleep and you are dreaming. Did you know that the brain does not differentiate between what you “do” when awake vs what you “think you are doing” while you are dreaming? Fun thought. And, it illustrates a great point about quantum physics: At the sub-atomic level there is no such thing as time (meaning a clock type of time), there is only space and no-space (which is thought to be dark matter).

Imagine that the brain dreams up many, many wonderful adventures for you to be influenced by when you recall them. In fact, the brain is driven to the act of dreaming itself into new experiences because of its connection to the unified field of energy – or quantum field as it is also called. Sorry to make such a big deal out of this idea but it is pivotal to the point I’m making.

If you want to understand the powerful side effects of dreaming let me tell you that even though dreaming originates in the subconscious aspect of your mind, your brain considers these dreams to be just as real as your memories of past behaviors and experiences. And this explains why we can consciously rewire our memories, change the old patterns that were self-destructive, and navigate successfully through our life — happier and with less stress. Dr. Joe’s short video speaks to how this can be accomplished.

For today I’m going to leave our travel through the worlds of pure energy vs manifested form and wrap my thoughts up by saying that chemically speaking, your brain manages both memories and dreams as if they are the same. Do you want to constructively dream yourself into a new experience? First you have to un-create, or rewire the old patterns of thought you have held to so tightly. All things are possible when you begin to work within the quantum energy field from a conscious, present moment point of view.

Good luck, dear hearts. I’m sending you loving good will to accomplish your dreams and your co-creation within this beautiful energy field in which we all exist!

Listening is Learning & Co-Creating is Healing

I have quiet a few calls each week that not only inform me but also remind me to  practice deeper listening skills when interacting with others.  This practice of listening brings me more consciously into the resonant field of wholeness, a universally shared frequency in which our “home resonance” is strengthened as we allow our attention to focus clearly on what is being said as well as the observation of how we  respond to the speaker and their message for the group call.

You may even receive pictures, or symbols that represent the message being shared with you.  You may be more experiential by nature and feel physical reactions to the message such as an energy vibration deep within, or one that seems to travel along your energy meridians.  Perhaps you feel a vibration in the brain and your hearing seems to be super sensitive as you listen to the group develop the conversation topic of the call.

We hear and react, we contemplate and share our thoughts, we listen and learn both consciously and subconsciously.  But there is a better way to listen, as it allows us to go deeper into the subject and connect to the individuals sharing more deeply.  It goes like this:  we listen, we contemplate, we  share new ideas and thoughts as we decide how to integrate, or act, according to the messages received by the resonant field, or unified field as it is called in science.

The real change in our listening focus is that we do not act immediately to what we are receiving from the hearts of others in our group.  We listen attentively until they quit speaking. We allow the energy to reveal itself more fully and then bring our new thoughts back to the group.  Sometimes we go so deeply into the field with our friends that we feel the experience instead of being logical about the message.  That is actually a good thing.  Like the benefits of meditation, we all need a reprieve from the daily stress of the twenty-first century, and deeper listening is one way to slow the world down.

Another aspect of deep listening is that the more we hear the same message the deeper we can take the nuances into our heart.  And, the more we can practice how to develop deep listening skills, the more we can literally quiet our minds from the “monkey chatter” and resist the usual urge to supply an answer to a question asked.  We all do it as habit.  We stop listening to the speaker as we formulate an answer against or for their position.  We can go deeper into the we-ness of the moment when we are mindful of the moment.

Look compassionately at others and yourself when in dialogue together because depending upon our age we have years of developing and strengthening the ego’s response to all situations; in other words it wants to show off and make you look good to the others in the conversation.

Many of us who frequently join dialogue circles are looking to learn more about a specific topic, issue, or the development of a new ability; meaning we want to learn by listening.  The same is true of metaphysical circles that host one or more speakers to give us the opportunity to practice something we all agree we want to know more about.

As a matter of fact I am launching a twice monthly radio event on blog talk radio entitled “Conscious Co-Creators of A New World Story”.  The first show will air on January 22nd at a time to be determined as soon as I’ve arranged my guest speakers.  We will be speaking to the question implied by the title of this new show.

Guests will share their opinions about what humanity can do to improve human interactions, and improve the social systems that no longer work for a healthy society. The old paradigms of our forefathers must be updated because we no longer want to support war, “less than” mentality, or greed and avarice from the upper class.  Of course there are many component parts to change for the social systems, we simply start at the most destructive patterns first.

Today I had the opportunity to practice deep listening on the topic of our relationship with the resonant field. We had just shy of 20 people on the call.  I asked “How do we each perceive it”?  We were attuned together and felt in agreement with the individuals who voiced their experience of the field.  The field is made of the energy of love, we know the field because we are an integral part of the field, we all felt a deep gratitude when we tuned into the field as if it acknowledged we were seeking a better understanding, we all felt supported by the field and empowered to do our best to contribute to the “good of the whole”, also the name of the organization who hosts this call.

Understanding this global resonance empowers us to track the emergent voice of the “whole”  and see the actual “miracles” that arise out of the field as we learn to work with the resonant energy field, explained Michelle Pohland, who brought us the topic of this discussion.

So much richness came to each of us as we explained to one another how we perceived the resonant field.  You may want to ask yourself questions about this invisible and co-creative “heart” energy source that some may name as God. Those of us “in the energy field of the call” felt balanced and nurtured by the conversation.

This is what deep listening brings you; an opportunity to learn more about yourself and others.  I hope you take the time to practice deep listening.  You don’t need a step by step guide.  If you have experience meditating you will know about deep listening.  If you do not, you may experience a stillness of mind that is both quiet and an invitation to co-create a more balanced way of living your own life.

Here are a few questions to get you started on the trip to understand the global resonant “heart” field:

What level of experience do we have with consciously paying attention to this energy field?

Does the field have messages for us, or do we simply think about the field like a broadcasting station or directional path finder?

Thank you for reading this post today.  I really appreciate those of you who are guided to my site because I believe we enrich each other’s life when we go deeper, below the surface so-to-speak.  Especially when you provide feedback!


Our Sacred Song

I have always been comfortable singing my prayers.  This isn’t something I learned in church as a child, it is just my way of moving deeply into the resonant field of creation; to sing words of love and compassion and to listen deeply to thoughts that return to me on the gentle breath of Spirit.  The calmness that surrounds me during these moments nurture me deeply, and I come away feeling that life is better than when I took myself into the resonant field.  And, I believe, this is as it should be when we contemplate our lives: the calmness descends upon us like a blessing and we have clarity about the next step we would be wise to take.

Those of you who have followed me over the years know that I am ever vigilant regarding my role as an independent new thought minister, a sacred activist, and a friend of humanity.  I won’t write anything that I am not willing to stand up for or stand against as in political policies that harm the citizens of our country.  Right now we have a President in office that could care less that shutting down the government means that many federal employees are not receiving their living wages.  He wants his wall, no matter the cost.  If his actions were put into music the sound would be grating, his song would cause us all to feel instant anxiety and fear because his song is mean-spirited and it comes from the part of his personality that is the “bully”.  

We, the People need a better song, one composed by citizens because it is we who suffer the most when leaders engage in power plays to gain a goal, such as a wall on our southern border that is overly expensive and not effective unless it is armed 24 hours a day.  I would never want my government to take shots at people trying to come into our country seeking asylum.  It is the system of immigration that is broken, not the noble practice of asylum.

Last week I saw a post that listed changes for Congress that would begin the scale back of financial abuses that affect our citizens, heaped upon us by the rich and powerful.  We could begin using the money denied to Congressional members when these suggestions are in place for constructive change in our country.  See what you think.

  1. A term limit of 8 years that includes no tenure, and no pension.  Additionally, Congresspersons can purchase their own retirement security plan. 
  2. The Congressional Social Security fund is immediately rolled into the Social Security system.  Citizens do not have access to the abundance given life long legislators and this isn’t fair. Past Congresspersons will have an immediate adjustment to their social security to reflect the rules used for the common citizen.
  3. Congress cannot vote themselves new pay raises, nor special appropriations that give them funding for materials that are normally supplied by the government for them to do their job.  (i.e.  A huge and expensive dining table, flights on government transport for personal enjoyment, or plane tickets for traveling that include mostly personal business).  We are weeding out the tendency to cheat the system by enforcing this guideline.  Lawmakers do not need fancy offices that look like they come off a movie set.
  4. Congressmen and women lose their current health system and have to settle for the same health system voted in for citizens.  Additionally, universal health insurance for citizens must be passed within 1 year, and have a graduating cost of participation so that all of our citizens receive health care when they need it, based upon what they can afford.  Congress can continue to utilize the benefits of the gym and pool (if there is one – I don’t know-ha!)
  5. Congresspeople abide by all the same laws they impose upon the citizens of this great country.  No exceptions.
  6. All previous contracts with the men and women in Congress are null and void effective immediately.  The beginning of strict accountability begins in 2019 and no one is above the law, nor are they better than those whose taxes pay their salaries.
  7. Everyone who is unemployed is to be retrained at the government’s expense. The government will insist that bids to do infrastructure work will include a higher percentage of new trainees than professionals in order to bring the cost of each project down to a more reasonable amount.  And, a guarantee of performance and construction shall be given each new public work for at least a 10 year guarantee of efficiency.

This song affords citizens the chance to be treated fairly and bring our taxes down.

Let’s face it, everyone, we are in serious trouble the way the government is spending money on what used to be called pork legislation.  Get a copy of the latest “Pig Book” to see what I mean.

Peace to one and all.  I’ll be back when I have something more to add to the list.  Believe me, I have many, many ideas on how we can change the political scene into something that is honorable and serves our great nation.