“Multiple You” Universe – I look into my Sacred Hearts

When I say that I have multiple Sacred Hearts, I simply mean that every life I have incarnated into I has given me the opportunity to awaken my Sacred Heart; just as you have had in each of yours.  The title of this post alerts us to the potential we have to go deeper into our resonant field (the part of us that is connected to the earth and each other, and to our Divine Self).  We are energy beings, and we absolutely affect the whole planet by every thought, word and deed we create with our intention.  Therefore, you are able to cocreate a stronger resonance with all life.

I have remembered nine reincarnations.  In each of these lives there was an opportunity to work toward my spiritual awakening and ultimately, my transfiguration into a higher frequency, with my transition out of this life.  In each life our God-Nature provides us with multiple chances along our timeline to make a move out of local mind into nonlocal mind; and therefore into our spiritual nature. Professional hypnotherapists can guide you through your subconscious mind, nonetheless, I have experienced both spontaneous and induced recall events; and of the two, the spontaneous ones were more aligned with my authenticity.

I saw the person in the recall and within seconds I experienced a deep knowingness that this person and I were the same Soul.  In one case I felt the emotions and thoughts of the incarnated “self”. In others, I witnessed their lives.  In all of these cases I had serious life lessons to overcome and in most of the recall events I did not succeed.  I asked myself if it were necessary to remember those lifetimes (thousands of them) in which I succeeded, or made progress that set me on a higher frequency for the next life time; or simultaneous lifetime if you understand the concept of the Eternal Now.

It is my belief that we do not need to access the sacred heart energy of the lifetimes within when we have increased our spiritual awareness. This would be a waste of energy and the perfection of the universe does not waste anything. When left alone, the cosmos has a conscious thread, if you will, that  we are all connected to; many of us call this thread “God”.   Sacred Science is an opportunity for us to explore this conscious thread more deeply because it links into our heart chakras, into our individual scared hearts, and also, into our collective heart, often referred to as living in Oneness, within metaphysical circles.

I encourage you to read more about this subject in my book, due to launch in November.  There have been many delays as I have attempted to bring you the most dynamic explanation of my world, the world of the mystic in a world enlightened by Sacred Science.  It is a world of marvel and wonder, and one of encouragement for those of us who believe we can be in “the now” as cocreators of a better life for everyone. Not only do we have opportunities to expand our consciousness but we have the absolute right and authority from our God-Nature, to cocreate a life based upon our Highest Good, and most cherished dreams.

Pre-order The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century on this website if my message resonates with you, and you want to participate in a new way of creating your own life.  Namaste.  

Rev. Cassandra Martin, independent New Thought Minister


Final Artwork for Cover, Launch Date August 1, 2014

Launching in November, 2014




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