Why I prefer “Sacred Science” when Initiating Conversation…

I am learning a new language, you could say, as I go deeper into my four year ministry about Sacred Science.  I always spoke to the metaphysics, and universality of the human psyche and the wonders of creation from the very beginning of my first ministry with the Universal Brotherhood Movement, which began in 1996; and before that as a Mystic interacting with the public, beginning in 1990. I have not been a stranger to the many paths and teachings that encouraged us all to go inward in order to better understand the outward expression of God, made manifest.

During the end of the 1980s, like so many others, I began to feel the shift of consciousness calling to something deep within my Soul and Cosmic Heart. During the 1990s, I began to explore the Mystic side of my nature and what I discovered was so exciting that I dedicated the rest of my life to becoming whomever this new version of me was going to reveal.  Mind you, there has never been any doubt that I am not alone.  We are a movement, and I always knew that someday I would catch up to the rest of my group.  Isn’t life wonderful in that way?

We start out alone, out of our mother’s womb, then we connect with our birth family. From there we establish relationships with our interconnected family; school friends, teachers we admire, camp friends, or church friends. Further along our life path we start to form professional connections, and spiritual connections, then sometime in between these other interconnected relationships, we form romantic connections. We begin to create a personalized version of Oneness that circles around us, one that is not connected by time because time is not important. When we see our people it is like we have not been away from them for very long and we pick up right where we left off.  They are, after all, our people; we are connected.

The larger version of a Oneness connection is normally possible when we discover a cause, or belief that we are passionate about, and we discover that we are anxious to model change in the world that will bring a benefit to the majority of humankind.  Our eyes have opened to “we”-consciousness, because we have seen suffering, and it has connected to us personally in a way we did not know it could.

This is what happened to me when I got mad at God one day because I realized that its children will never make peace simply because their God Story forbids it. Those who do not believe in God aren’t a large enough percentage, and have little incentive to keep the religious fanatics from destroying the world. Their egos are looking for glory, but what glory is there if no one is left to admire them?

I have participated in Inter-faith discussions, and I have felt good about the people participating with me, and yet in my deepest heart I also know that their congregants are not going to change enough this year to tip the balance.  We are mostly working from the old creation story, and it is that story which keeps us from being brothers and sisters.  Sacred Science is a new creation story.  Say it with me?  Sacred Science is a new creation story.

This is why I enjoy using Sacred Science as the beginning point for a conversation about God during the twenty-first century.  God’s role in the Sacred Science story is rather simple, and basic; a quantum part of everything and its potentiality.

In the beginning was the consciousness of God, the Alpha and the Omega…

Biography – Rev. Cassandra Lea Martin, Author and independent New Thought Minister

REV. CASSANDRA MARTIN, independent New Thought Minister, and Author

Martin’s book, The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century delivers an historic, and future view of metaphysics and quantum science. Readers see a new way to seek unification, in her work. She is a born mystic, and aligns with conscious evolution. Martin has spoken at nine public events, and writes for God-In-Action.org, her online church. Her message is simple: we are consciousness, and God knows itself through our unity.

Martin, an activist who wants all women to vote, is a public issues moderator. She started “Talk of the Town”, and participated in Diversity in CommUNITY during 2001-2004. She spearheaded an organization in Tahlequah during the General Elections called, The New Political Gender, a 3-day event that educated citizens on party platforms, included a women’s elected officials discussion panel, and a debate between the Senatorial candidates. The New Political Gender ended with a Suffragette costume parade around Cherokee Square to honor the Day the US Constitution was ratified, and women were finally able to vote, August 26th.

I’ve learned th…

I’ve learned that the way I think of myself is the way I think of others.  The way that I see myself is how I see others, true or not.  And the deepness with which I am capable of loving myself, is the depth I can go in loving everyone else.  Learn to love yourself first, or sadly, you will never know how to love another.

What do you do to create sustainability on our planet?  

  1. What have you done to honor your relationship with the whole of creation lately?
  2. What have you done to create conscious responsibility within your circles?
  3. How do you see yourself living in the future, as a part of the whole, or within a community, or as an individual?
  4. What would it take for you to change something in your life which would support the outcome of cleaner living on our planet?

I only ask because I recently listened to a few of the teleconferences/webconferences offered by The Shift Network, called the Spring of Sustainability 2014, Turning Crisis into Creative Solutions.  The program continues to run through June, 2014, if you are interested.  I have purchased the audios in order to share some of the solutions with my God-In-Action.org followers, and some of those who are interested in how powerful we are when we unite to change the world, here on this blog.

We are powerful, and if you don’t know that yet, you will if you stick with me on this blog. 

1st you are consciousness-in-action; choosing what you will and will not empower with your thoughts.  If you add to that the group dynamics of people who share a similar focus, it is like an engine that can begin to move forward.  In our case, we are like an engine (billions of people) who are capable of using our thoughts (through their frequency), to mitigate the damage that has already been done by others to our planet, and to our people through institutions which have lost ethical alignment with the greater good for humankind, and all life on our planet.

Whatever your passion in this lifetime, I hope you will keep visiting this website.  Here you will have the chance to see for yourself how we can engage small groups to mobilize larger energy resources that are guaranteed to shift the paradigm of the “good old boys” and herald in the twenty-first century of change for the Oneness of humanity to re-create the world ethos in the image of #Sacred Science.  This simply means that we will grow past the personal “Me”-thinking into the collective “We”-thinking modality of the Quantum Human, the homo universalis, the homo transitionalis, or whatever you want to call our species as we advance throughout this time period.  

Everything new starts with the way that we think of ourselves.  The wounds within have created the wounds our planet is enduring.  Think about that and then go back to the questions I asked you about what you may or may not be doing to create sustainability on our beloved planet.  

Yours in deep love, and mutual respect,

Reverend Cassandra, independent New Thought Minister, God-In-Action.org; and author of The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century


Kintsukuroi, to heal with gold…

The Zen Tov Project for Healing Through the Arts, Tracy Ellyn, Director's photos

The Zen Tov Project for Healing Through the Arts,
Tracy Ellyn, Director’s photos

I am sharing this image, where I found it, and other information related to the Kintsukuroi on my blog today because it is a metaphor for Oneness and Interconnectedness, on one hand.  It is also a metaphor for Sacred Science, in that the technique that is used to “heal” this broken bowl, leaves it more beautiful for its wear and tear, just as the hybrid of Sacred Science is more beautiful during the current century, than each field of study has been independently in previous centuries.

I use the word “gold” in the title of this blog simply to denote rare value.  Many cultures value their elders because as we age, everyone has the opportunity to become wise.  Not all do, nonetheless, those who are able to share with us from their bowl of knowledge, deserve to be heard; and the truly intelligent among us learn by observing the lessons of others in order not to endure similar ones.

I have shared the story briefly of my experience with the Grandmother Spirits of Many Nations on facebook, and google plus.  Here I will go into more detail simply because I have already taught this class once, here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and it may be time to teach it again.  My experience has lived with me every day since it occured.  It is a rare teaching about life, and originally it was given to me in order for me to pass it along as a woman’s workshop, and a woman’s circle teaching during special events, and  the celebrations of various cycles of life.

The Grandmothers, all from different Indian nations, and I assume from around the world, shared with me how to make a medicine bowl that would be a teaching tool from birth to death and beyond.  Each bowl would be made with an exact number of rings to it, and within each ring the woman would place symbols, or words, or  images to represent her process during that cycle of her life.  She would leave empty space at the bottom to represent Earth Mother’s Spirit, from which her body has manifested.  She would leave the top space empty in order to invite Great Spirit to bring her gifts during her lifetime for herself, her family, and her people.  The middle of her bowl would be the focus of her life-story.

That is all that I am going to share with you about the message.  The teaching is very beautiful and it takes place person to person, in the groups which I lead as we make our bowls.  There are several ways to create the bowl depending upon the age you are at the time you are making it.  For instance, a girl child would paint her images on a bowl that is green fired, until she marries.  At that point, she would re-make her childhood bowl from scratch and fire it as part of her history.  If the woman making the bowl is in her last years, she would make her bowl as a story of her whole life, still leaving the top empty for the future days she has remaining.  And anyone in between would create their bowl with their life experiences and also their dreams for the future. They would choose to leave it green or fire it.

If you are interested in participating in a ceremonial event which would focus on the metaphor of the bowl, please contact me.  Part of my service to women is through ceremony, and healing rituals.  You may contact me, if you are guided to attend ceremony, or to host a workshop.

If you were led to this page, the information itself is healing, and I recommend that you follow the link to my facebook page where I discuss two ways you may start using the empty bowl for your own healing work.


Rev. Cassandra Lea Martin, independent New Thought Minister, Mystic and Author






“Science will find the Truth…

“Science will find the Truth to the ‘theory of everything’ only when it is taught the reality of consciousness by Mystics” – Rev. Cassandra Martin

Excerpts from International New Thought Alliance Magazine, “Evolving Consciousness through New Thought”

In the spring edition this year, an article of mine appeared and it is perfect to share here on my blog, using key excerpts.  The subject is consciousness and I started the article with our children being taught that in God they have an ally, one that according to New Thought is indwelling energetically.  This allows them to learn early that they are empowered, and can work with others in the spirit of Oneness, setting up the dynamics of win-win early in their lifetimes.  Evolving consciousness through this one New Thought principle in children would likely provide a generation of adults who would be more sensitive to the sacredness within themselves and within all sentient life.

Think about God as your ally, and you see in the teachings of New Thought the perception of our sacredness.  In addition, when we partner our sacredness with god, indwelling, we are the Light of God-In-Action…That light is an expression of consciousness cocreating with God.


Adults who are sensitive to the interconnectedness of all lifeforms are adults who are capable of enacting policy, locally and globally, that will support the efforts to re-imagine our world as one in which pollution is marginalized, food is available and managed through systems that are both ecologically healthy, and financially fair, and energy is available through economies that have been stabalized, while reformed financial systems have quashed the corporate advantages of the past.

The usage of Light as a metaphor for the Presence of God in our art and literature can also be extended to express consciousness in any enlightening society.  As humankind begins to change the systems of our world from those that no longer function, into new systems that include spiritual concepts, such as those I wrote about in the INTA article, and also write about in my book, The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century, this new version of Quantum Human being will begin to evolve on our planet.

Quantum physics is the world of no time, and no space.  I am proposing the probability that God is beyond quantum physics and is in everything, because we can “know” nothing unless we are conscious of it.  Do you see the difference?  I am saying that God IS consciousness.

I am saying in my book that “God” is the title that the ancient peoples gave to the Presence which they felt in the wilderness, although at first it was the fecundity of the Goddess, which early man and woman worshipped.  And through my exploration of ancient metaphysics and religions, I was guided as a Mystic to the discovery of Sacred Science.  Sacred Science in turn, led me to author my book, and to research quantum mechanics and quantum theory.  In turn, I researched philosophy, consciousness studies, and  modern science in order to see where I fit, as a mystic and a woman who had unusual skills, to say the least.

I have respect for the philosophies of Friar Teilhard de Chardin’s “nooesphere”, Richard Maurice Burke’s concept of the “cosmic consciousness”, and how Professor Rupert Sheldrake arrived at his concept of the morphic field.  Which, by the way he arrived at while he was staying in India at Friar Bede Griffith’s ashram, before he wrote his groundbreaking book, A New Science of Life.  So you see, consciousness as the Intelligence of God is a naturall conclusion for me to make.  It was against the spiritual background that genius envisioned the future during very unsophisticated scientific times.  And, prior to them, Hinduism and Buddhism had concepts which allowed creative consciousness to express God-in-action as love-in-action.  This is something I have attempted to model in my own life, although I’ve never seriously studied Buddhism and Hinduism.

“…we are now in the twenty-first century and, living in the new age of conscious evolution, which will usher in unitive thinking and actions on a scale unheard of, but dreamed of for centuries.  Now is the time for us to raise a generation of children whom honestly understand the greatness of their energetic inheritance, God as consciousness.  Marianne Williamson summed itup beautifully by sharing her thought with us that, “It is our light, not our darnkess that most frightens us.”  I simply said, Amen.

“It Takes One Focus, and Millions of Voices, to Accomplish Change for the World.” updated on 16 July 2017

Have you heard that voice in your heart that says, “if only I could change the world I would.” Or, have you wondered why God seems to allow people to cocreate such a mess of things when something within you cries out, ” it doesn’t have to be this way!” You begin to join groups looking for a connection that will empower the whole, and your voice resonates a frequency that harmonizes with something you hear in the voices of each group you join. Like a gong resonating wave upon wave, you feel movement within as if something is waking up?

I can tell you that this “something” is also awakening within everyone in your group. It is a power that is sacred and it is meant to be used to evoke change in our world right now. It does not matter how long you have been chanting, or saying affirmations, or singing in ceremony, or speaking words of wisdom to people gathering together, because we are all called to “do something more”. You are answering the call of the “future you”, the Quantum Human,  or Barbara Marx Hubbard’s version of the new human evolving, that she calls homo universalis. We are all here on earth right now because it is the right time for us to use our god-authority, eminent (indwelling), and move this cocreative energy through our collective energy field, in order to shift the energy resonance of our planet. When you look around at the existing social systems it is sad to see the corruption and greed that is prominent.

I know a group that chants for World Peace by choosing one day a year, they set up leaders in the global time zones to coordinate the chanting around the globe so that during the 24-hours their chant for World Peace continues. The energy begins and then surges again.  In a meditation I saw a way in which we could use simple affirmations spoken out loud over the duration of the time bands across the world. Since we would all be speaking the same affirmations, the energy would build with the passion we each contribute.  We are part of the noosphere, the resonant field that is like Earth’s mind.  When we tell Our Mother that we want to see change, her manifestation begins to break down the old and build the new based upon our loving cocreation for new and healthy social change.  Think about that for a while and you may begin to see just how powerful we humans can be when we speak truth to existing power.

What I am recognizing, as my own strength increases, is that it is the power of our  collective voices combined with our own strengthening personal resolution, that is assisting our beloved planet in her own ascencion process. We are all participating in the Conscious Shift of Gaia and we need to start with ourselves first. From within the resonant shift that we collectively cocreate, the cocreators finding each other due to the work of  Barbara’s Foundation of Consciousness Evolution, and Humanity’s Team organization of Global Oneness Day 2017,  all of us will be able to enter into the shifting consciousness, the resonant field of love and cocreation.

My book The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century gives us a chance to meet the Modern God of the 21st Century.  Pure consciousness is like a matrix by which all things can be made physical. Science now speculates that consciousness is inherent within the very fabric of space because of the sub-atomic matter our ancient ancestors had given the title of God to, ca.n also.

The metaphysical/spiritual community was the first to recognize that everything we are “consciously ” part of is also part of the Master Creator energy. Quantum Physics is getting close to recognizing this intelligence, but it is the metaphysical community and the hybrid Sacred Science that will better allow this shift to be realized during the twenty-first century. If you were to start shifting your point of view and explore different modalities that help you to expand your own conscious resonant field it would not take long for you to intuit and know the truth about the Modern God.

 I want to encourage people around the world to realize is that your voice and your intention is your God-authority to change the world. And, we will do this through love, pure love. You do not need anything else to reclaim your inheritance, your psychic inheritance as Carl Jung knew the subconscious mind. Now our sub- and collective consciousness fields of energy await our recycling– using certain affirmation combined with the power generated by our collective consciousness we will redirect the negativity  we can’t help but see as chaos break down.

Enough of us have awakened, and carry the seed conscious changes as messages for humanity. Feel free to visit me if you feel called to be part of the project that I have seen evolving in  my mystical heart.  Truly, God has never left us at the mercy of others, we are the ones who will save the world and we always have been.  Through one focus, (consciousness) and the power that  comes when millions of voices activate the heart resonance of Gaia, we will stimulate her to create the power to change our world.


I am currently working on the book 365 Days of Affirmations for Sacred Activists. I look forward to sharing it with those who participate in this future event, at no charge.

Blessings of Light and Loving Kindness to you and yours.

Rev. Cassandra Martin, Independent New Thought