When the door opens

… an evolutionary love story

Arnold Glasow tells us that “An idea not coupled with action will never get bigger than the brain cell it occupies” and I have proof that this is true. Every time I have had a good idea and that feeling in my heart had said, “wouldn’t this be great?”; if I did not take it from thought into action within a few weeks the potentiality would be lost. As a writer, if I didn’t start outlining my project right away my interest would evaporate. The more time that passed from thought to action diluted the power of the project I had in mind.

I have moderated public issues forums, and study groups over the years.  I have seen for myself that people have difficulty visualizing a plan of action and starting to cocreate that plan together, not because they aren’t invested in the outcome, but because there is always a turf struggle when one person believes that the group must rigidly follow the core plan with no flexibility to allow for even more inspiration to show up during the conversations.  We also want to make room for respect, kindness and loving good will while we are cocreating the new plan.  This sounds easy to do, and yet as a moderator I have seen people challenge the Visionary, and it isn’t easy to sit respectfully while they tell him or her why the group’s intentions are not going to work.

When someone monopolizes the conversation it is clear to the rest of the group that cocreating  is not going to happen until we can redefine our goals, each share their purpose and desire for the project, and share time building democratic co-leadership.  It is important that everyone feel the value of their work toward the completion of the project.  Only then can we get to the nuts and bolts of who is going to do what, and we can all move forward together.

This step is when we fall in love.

At each step of our planning phase, we start with sacred space and quietly enter the noosphere,  the resonant heart field or the conscious field of the miraculous, as two very special people recently shared with our group on a phone call. When there is a sense of the sacred in the hearts and minds of the participants, it allows for unlimited potential to hold the vision we are sharing.  And this is the glue that holds the social project together and increases our likelihood of success.

Sometimes I have noticed that during discussions a very subtle shift occurs.  The project loses some of its potency.  The conversation is still moving in the right direction but some of us may be feeling worn out, and our agreements to perform a certain task may feel more like a punishment instead of an honor.  Let’s face it, when people come together as change makers, and social systems change at that,  they are not talking about how to fund a local event which is hard enough.  No, they are talking about systemic change with really big issues on the table.  At this stage of planning it is easy to lose focus.  We need to remind ourselves that we have a shared purpose, one that is vital to the lives of so many others, and that each of us can be a cheerleader at any given time when the energy starts to feel sluggish.

I want to remind you of what Jean Baptiste Girard said,  “By words we learn thoughts, and by thoughts we learn life.”  We cannot break down the communication cycle any clearer than this.  We as cocreators are creating new potential in our lives when we are involved in a Visionary Project.  The process changes everyone in the circle. How much you are changed will always depend upon your own reasoning.  Some of us really struggle with communication.  That was me for about five years when I lived in Tulsa, OK  I spoke to slowly for someone in a group that I hosted monthly.  I couldn’t understand her antagonism toward me, but I had to let it go. Years later I realized that my lesson during that time was about confidence.  I trusted that I knew what I was saying was the truth, but I was afraid that others would disagree with me  so I chose my words carefully in order not to offend.  Being careful translated into speaking more slowly, making my point clearly so there was no room for misunderstanding.  Who wouldn’t get annoyed with that?

Now when I move into sacred space and my voice drops in register, I know that I am speaking from my highest place of being.  The words come slowly sometimes, but the power of the message is a blessing for all who are at the table. It is not true for me that my Divine Self delivers information quickly and precisely; oh that it would.  When I am channeling a message from my Universal Self, it still has to move through me and I am getting older so I’m not as quick on my feet or in my mind.  Not to say that I am not capable.  I am.  I’m just clear that what I bring to a group will be delivered in love and thoughtful communication.  I will happily shake the hands of their Universal Selves and agree that we all have what we need to bring this new form into reality, spontaneously allowing ourselves to be the architects of systems change.

At this final stage, we create something beautiful, meaningful and all inclusive because that is where the change is needed most.  Everyone must be invited to the community table.  And so it will be.



The Sign of the Wolf…

teaches us to live together, in a pack of like minded beings who are willing to cocreate a new and balanced order in the world. And when we  howl and dance on the full moon nights, singing to the stars from whence we came, our sacred nature shows us the way to new beginnings.

2018 is here.  It is 7 years since the conscious rebirth of earth entered a new evolutionary cycle according to Barbara Marx Hubbard.  Those who know her understand that she was born to serve the awakening of evolutionary expansion within our hearts and minds.  She gave us tools to listen deeply and feel the stirring of  homo universalis as we dreamed of better days and was to heal the broken social systems in our country, and around the world.

If you are reading this, you are part of the pack.  Something within you is stirring, and it isn’t meant to be a difficult birthing this time  The energy is on our side because unlike newborns we have opened our eyes and witnessed the pain and suffering of the family of man.  We have seen what does not work, we know who lies to us, proving whom to trust and disregard in the establishment.

We are making strong our new tools.  Those tools are going to break down doors that have kept the ones who needed help the most away from those who had the power to succor them back to health and well being.  These tools are not hewn with fire and hammered to sharp edges.  We are going to bring equality back to the table and sit down together as family.  We are going to welcome others to our fires as we lay on our backs looking up at the stars on a chilly night during the first month of this new year.  Everyone will be welcome because we have realized that there are no enemies, there are only people who don’t know how to love.

Think about that.  The enemy is wounded.  We must help them find the cure for their pain instead of raging against the past and letting them continue to suffer when they do not even know they are unhappy,  isolated and alone.  Their dream world cannot exist when enlightenment is on the horizon; and it is most definitely rising like the sun.

When I am online it is easy to find organizations that are forming to help individuals find their purpose and join with others who feel the same passion for change.  I am very interested in political and governmental change, for instance.  We need more women in  office, and to run for local and national positions of strength within the system.  You see, we will have to crack the old systems open from the inside out; like an egg, one of the symbols of womanhood.

Men and women both are feeling something rising within them.  Perhaps it is because we are appalled at what Mr. Trump is doing, and his “modus oporandi” is offensive to say the least.  As we witness the fools who believe we are not smart enough rise up against their tyranny, we take a different approach than they expect of us.  Our Crusade isn’t with weapons, or religion.  It begins with a calm peace and a sense of purpose. We dig deep into the center of our being, until we touch our sacred hearts. Once the light goes on it only gets brighter and we find our way to where we are meant to be in this society.

We want to join groups.  We want to work with others on new ideas that strengthen the potential to heal the broken systems in each of Barbara’s social segments.  My last post had a copy of the Wheel of Co-creation.   Have you had a chance to sit with it and see where your heart’s energy guides you?

My next post will offer you more resources so that you can figure out for yourself where you belong on the cycle of change.  My point is that if you do nothing, you will be so disappointed in yourself because now is the time to gain momentum, personally and collectively.

My first vision quest gifted me with the approach of a she-wolf.  She was the small brown and grey wolf of the eastern forests.  I was so happy to see wolf, an animal I have always admired.  She seemed troubled and paced the inside of my  large tent.  I followed her outside and she and I began to run.  I morphed into a wolf, I could feel my feet in the dirt and it felt good to breathe deeply and smell the scents I could not as a human.  We approached her den where she had 3 pups.  She was worried that the land was being ruined by humans and that her species would soon be gone for good.  I spoke to her from my heart and made a pact with her to do what I could to respect the balance between animal and man.  That is the real problem.  Humans (in general) do not think of life as a whole circle.  The loss of wolf takes from the land a precious essence that had originally made the Mother strong.

Now I have two things that I am passionate about. Okay, in truth there are many things about our world that cause me to suffer because the imbalance is painful to  me.  I am sure you understand.   The difference now is that I understand that the only way to win equality is to treat the opponents with respect even if they are doing something that I am morally against.  Compassion for their lack of understanding and lifestyles that are not filled with love but with things is one way to look at the opponent.

However, victory will come because we have changed for the better.  We have learned to use our better natures to cocreate better systems to replace the old.

I see the coalitions forming.  I see the people marching.  I see the research being done to find ways to close loopholes in laws that create suffering and loss of respect for the people of this great nation.  I see our victory.

What do you see?

In loving good will I thank you.  Starting with the turn of the century I felt that we had a 13 year cycle that had opened in which we could prepare a plan and begin to carry it out in order to succeed.  Think the long game.  Love your  opponent because they need love to heal what has created in them the capacity to cheat, steal and betray others.

We are now in the second 13 year cycle and I have seen the activation of people of like mind.  We are doing what we have always wanted to do; we are changing the world – first from within and then working on the outer vision of a world where there is enough for everyone


America, the new 3rd world country

I would not call myself a history buff.  I can’t claim that I understand Political Science. I can, however, smell a stinky fish when it is turning bad.  Trump is a stinky fish.  I don’t worry about the future under this president because I do not see him lasting very long.  He is deeply offensive to people who do not deserve to be harassed, in other words, anyone who does not agree with him. What I do have concerns about is the wreckage of our governmental systems by the time he is ousted.

I belong to groups that encourage us all to co-create a new plan for social systems that can repair the damage done decades back.  These groups are not dangerous to society.  These groups are seeking to repair the despotism of the last 100 years and slowly bring us back to a governmental system based upon equality, and respect.  We understand that we are in an evolutionary cycle and that our social systems are broken, thus needing tender and loving care, not to mention respect for laws that encourage societal growth under favorable partnerships instead of what we have now: corporatism.

Our government is run like a corporation.  The most recent tax bill is proof of that statement.  You who read sites like mine are the beloved readers who will be able to join groups and begin to restructure the potential for our country and this in turn will help the world because we will have changed a destructive paradigm.

One of the pioneers of evolution co-creation is Barbara Marx Hubbard.  Her work is dynamic, she has been an activist and visionary since the first atom bomb was dropped.  This wheel shows you the many sectors of social systems that will require adjustments in order for us to successfully co-create a balanced world in which suffering is no longer as heartbreaking as it is now.  If you look on every continent you will see the tell-tale signs of corruption to the degree that it can no longer be disguised as constructive benefits for the people.

I remember that the Republican Party created a plan, a long-range plan, that would manipulate the  political, moral, and financial results they wanted for the ultra conservatives.  Just so, we as their opposition will have to form a plan that can rescue us from harm.  Our country is facing  third world status for its citizens, and there is great suffering that will result if we do not counter the plans made by organizations that feed suffering instead of personal empowerment and well-being.  If the recent general election cycle is any indication, the majority of people preferred Clinton because she clearly stood for healing the social systems that take advantage of people who do not have enough security to protect themselves.  Of course Sanders was also a great light toward a renewal of people power in our country and fairness instead of  punishment if you were in the socially vulnerable category of  living.

So to the point of this particular opportunity for you to explore where you may help us save society from a dismal future, I encourage you to look closely at the social sections in Barbara’s wheel of co-creation.  What excites your passion?  For me it is political change even though I am a spiritual person and love being a minister.  Will you kindly do some research on whatever area your heart responds to from this wheel’s example of areas needing constructive change?  Humanity is currently experiencing a social jump toward a new age.  We are becoming what I call in my book, the Quantum Human, and Barbara calls the Homo Universalis.  Call it what you will, we are all on a cosmic train ride and where we get off the train will be where we have put most of our energy.

If we remain apathetic, that will be hell.  Join this beautiful movement to recognize that we can fix what is broken when we come together in compassion and respect for our species.

Thank you, beloveds, for reading my small efforts to poke you.  You are the answer.

In loving good will I thank you for waking up.  Rev. Cassandra

Oneness Communities

Here are a two links to organizations that are involved in spreading information about the conscious evolution, The Foundation for Conscious Evolution: Evolve.org and The Shift Network: theshiftnetwork.com .    And here is a link to a gentleman who is a dynamic, spiritual activist -Andrew Harvey.  He has written many books about his  personal voyage into understanding Jesus as a revolutionary, and spiritual activist, from within the teachings of esoteric Christianity.  Visit his website at Institute for Sacred Activism.  And if you are interested in subtle activism, utilizing the quantum field co-creatively, here are two suggestions for you. You will find them both offering opportunities to participate from home, and join people of like mind who use thought and/or meditation to influence the subtle realms of reality.  Go to these links,  the Global Coherence Initiative, and the Gaiafield Project.

It is my hope that those who visit my website are inspired to participate in expanding personal consciousness.  It is easier when you can find new thought leaders in the global community who are also available and participating in events in your area.  This community is growing rapidly, year by year.

If you have a favorite website that aligns with themes written here, please send me the information and I will check the website out.  You will know you have been accepted when you see your information on this page.

In the Light of Loving Good Will,

Rev. Cassandra

Co-creators Unite!

It will take time on the clock and months making years to produce enough creative systems-change to bring our society into balance but it is also true that there are groups around the world who have already begun to imagine a better world, and benefits for the empowerment and safety of people.  Right now we see a corrupt Congress that lies to us, giving small benefits and takes them back while the rich get permanent advantage in law and liberty.

Let’s look at how we can change that picture into “heaven on earth”, the original plan for all living things.  We don’t have to make this a heavy lift story if we know that we are finally  in a position to know that quantum physics and sacred science are the same.  We can work consciously to create a new type of reality, and it gets easier to co-create as we practice.  So who is  co-creating with me you ask?

You are a multidimensional conscious being.  There are many aspects to your reality that reveal themselves to you once you begin to practice serving humanity during the long haul toward planting and nurturing this garden of heaven on earth that I’ve mentioned.  Every day I have a moment in which I feel such gratitude for the opportunity to be an advocate instead of a victim.  I feel the bigger version, and see the bigger vision of where we are going.  The changes have already begun, some for the worse, and some for better but we are here to accomplish what a government and laws cannot.  We are here to bring peace to the world.

You may think that this is too big a challenge.  Remember you are not alone.  You have YOU PLUS  and others of like mind who are ready to activate their purpose, the one they were born to access at this place and time.  When I say we are all YOU PLUS I mean that we acknowledge the multidimensionality of who we are.

  • You have a body and personality with which to do your service
  • You have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind, and a connection to a Collective Mind that is like the Earth’s thinking brain – often called the noosphere
  • You have an alternate version of yourself at a higher frequency that has been spoken of in the majority of  spiritual texts.  It has been called the soul, for instance
  • Then you have a Universal Self who is the mover and shaker that works in the higher frequencies which you access most often when you are We-thinking vs Me-thinking

Your God Connection is consciously willing to create, and it is from this energy level that we are able to co-create miracles and change the water into wine or grow an amazing garden from land that has been scorched by nuclear fusion. As we integrate our multiple you’s we begin to create new realities for ourselves.  We can see that there isn’t any reward or punishment for our actions, instead we use our free will more fully for the wholeness of society.  This is a natural process and you don’t have to think about it as much as we used to have to think of the consequences of our actions when we were attracted to “sin”.  This is simply because we are now acting from the highest impulses of our being.

Each of us has our own idea of how this system works and we will now be right simply because we all have one thing in common.  Luckily for us it appears that this is a time of great change, evolutionary not revolutionary, although I must say I sometimes feel more like I am in revolt at what is being done in our country.  Just know that you are in the process of adjusting your old skill-set so that the new one will be more powerful and whatever you put your attention upon will be affected to more of a degree than before.

Here’s a new way of envisioning who you really are:  we have all graduated and are doing internship.  We are asked now to apply what we have realized at the super-conscience level of mind, that place/space where we-thinking is dominant because we have realized that we don’t need individual gratification as much as collective participation in global social systems-change.

Okay. You have an idea now of your greatness, Beloveds.  Go deep into your heart and find those things that hurt you the most.  These are usually linked to your highest purpose and you are here to bring relief to humanity in these areas.

Utilize the computer to find groups who are devoted to similar change in the world.  Take the first step.  If that step is met with an invitation to join or participate with the group, you have your first assignment.

I have personally discovered that I am interested in working on several different issues so I try not to burn out and take one at a time until I feel that I have done my part for the whole.  I always know when it is time to leave one project and prepare for another.  I ask myself what else do I have to do in this world but help to bring relief to the whole?  The answer always shows up.

PLUS YOU is reading this because you are serving humanity during this evolutionary opportunity to heal the great wounds created by humans who came in to show us just how degenerative we can be if we are selfish, greedy, uncompromising, or lazy, deceitful, and manipulator by nature.  I mean your false nature, beloved.  Your real nature is Divine.

In loving good will I ask that you consider this request to serve because it will make you feel so good about yourself, even when it takes more than one time to reach success.  Sacred Activism is one way to serve but there are so many ways to inspire the individuals who are affected by your effort.  Think it over.  When you act from Love, Love returns to you.

Rev. Cassandra




Consciousness as a blessing to those in need

Fires, Earthquakes, Storms, Wind and Water…

I know that it is difficult to look at the losses our friends are now having to live with as they try to cope with their future outlook because of the fires in California, and others trying to deal with earthquake damage across the sea, while still others  are recovering from hurricane damages in our own hemisphere.

Our first response when looking at the news photos of natural disasters is to feel a lessening of our own energy and we wonder, “what if that was me and mine?”  After the rationalization of the disaster some of us begin to practice what we have been taught to do when we feel that we are helpless to move into personal action, but want to send out love and blessings for human security against the destruction.  People pray, imagine healing light surrounding the situation, or do ceremony for the survivors.  Of course there are many ways we cope according to our own spiritual or psychological process. I am not writing about that today.

I want you to draw a line in your mind.  Below the line is suffering.  Above the line is a conscious love for life, all life.  Just think of this line of conscious energy. Above is love and below is the current suffering.  Now that you have that in place consider this: everything that is taking place is, at its most basic reality, conscious. If you want to affect anything in this world you could actually consider it from this point of view.

We think that we have to wait until the fires burn out, for instance. The opposite is true. If we consciously cover the fires in a blanket of thought that knows itself to be part of the solution to the devastating change  something incredible happens:  the future begins to change from what it would have been to what it can now become as you, the architect, pours energy like water into the fire zone.

I would use my energy to calm the people and give them hope instead of actually working toward the thought that I can stop what nature has decreed. I do believe, however, that thousands or thousands of thousands of people could consciously change the direction of the wind in future days as we learn to consider ourselves as part of the everything that happens in this world.  I think this because I do not limit my reality.  And it is okay with me if you think I’m out of mind because my belief is not affected by yours.  The truth of reality is in the numbers.  The more people who blanket the world with love help to limit that out-picturing of suffering.

So there you have my thought for the day.  I wanted to wait until the worst was over to address this concept because I also wanted to ask each of you to plant trees this year as never before.  The ground is now prepared for positive change in those habitats.  Earth knows that trees and grasses need good rich earth.  I suspect that the overpopulation of people on the land has also contributed to the problem of imbalance in nature.  There is no one answer.

Consider this line of love over pain and use it often as a blanket to calm the raging energy and you will get really good at working with nature.  I have been doing this for years.  As a woman with some First People blood I have been singing to nature, and working with storms.  For the most part I am successful at my weather work, asking that those whose time has come are brought “Home” in beauty.  When the rain starts I begin to ask for a soft woman’s rain for instance, but accept whatever is needed by the earth to cleanse or prepare the land for a healthier reality.  Oh, I have a snake song too when I am out in the grasslands.  It has worked.  I’ve never yet been surprised by a snake.

As part of the whole energy reality in this world we have the opportunity to be one with it and work towards calming the raging pain that is a howl to our Mother Earth that there is imbalance.  I know this is old school, but people have overpopulated areas that are sensitive and can turn into dangerous traps because they felt the need to have privacy, or beauty all around them.  They just forgot that the land will always protect itself by recycling the landscape.

Well my beloved’s, I hope that your shock at the magnitude of the fire and hurricanes this year is a lesson to make you stronger and to encourage you to take a more active role in energy work.  We consider ourselves so small, when The Mother knows we are capable of working in tandem.  I am not saying we won’t continue to have horrific natural events.  The world is to out of balance for me to say that, but I can say that we can help manage the suffering during these events by using our consciousness as co-creators.   We are that.  Use it.  Name it.  Be it.

In loving good will and love to all of you who are following me.  If you like the content please share.  And so it is that  I finish this Service at 10 am Sunday, December 17, 2017.