Landing in the Universal Energy Field, Part I

Good News!  You don’t have to do anything to land in the Universal Energy Field!  You are born into it as part of the energy field and it is always the vehicle that drives your development throughout your lifetime. Isn’t it great that all of creation starts out on an equal footing? I could even say that there is no reason to feel lonely again because we are an intrinsic part of everything we see and everyone we meet. We are One in a very unique way that may not be duplicated in the Universe, or it may, we don’t know yet.

That doesn’t mean that we should float through life without making an effort to cocreate with others or to create something unique by ourselves to benefit the rest of the world.  It also doesn’t mean that you won’t be born with difficult life circumstances, meant to push you into action in case you have told yourself that you have less than others when it comes to benefits.

I was born to a mother who was schizophrenic and a father who was a misogynist. He had three daughters and finally got a son with the last planned pregnancy.   To be honest, Dad was terribly wounded by his own upbringing so as I began to understand the wholeness of my own potential I was able to see that his dreams were not fulfilled and his unhappiness is what blocked the sunshine for all of us.

I’ll take the gift the Universe gave me, I was born with an open connection to the Spirit World.  My second sister is a talented singer-songwriter and  counselor. Sister three has an artsy streak and she is so compassionate she became a nurse after raising her own two daughters.  My brother may have the highest IQ among us siblings and has successfully worked in IP Security Systems.  All of us have had  really tough karma to work through, but we also had an opportunity to see early that we create our own life with thoughts, words and deeds.  We suffered.  We celebrated successes.  We loved each other better as we aged.  We weren’t great at being close when we were growing up so our parenting skills and personal skills may have taken a few hard knocks along the way.  This is the way life works.

Does this sound similar to you and your life?  I imagine it does.  It may look to you like someone you know is getting a free ride, but I assure you there is no such thing in this dimension of living.  Our purpose is to make the connection between what we think reality is, and what we are creating as our reality (usually) unconsciously.  Sorry to be the one to tell you that nobody else is doing anything to you that your Soul did not allow.

We usually don’t get to a significant level of understanding regarding our need for trials and tribulations until we get much, much older.  Please don’t let that scare you.  Most of us start in our thirties to separate ourselves from our childish misogynistic tendencies.  So today I want to speak to you about some of the tools you will need to help you create a softer landing when your turn comes to fall from the heights of your ego’s self identity.  Oh yeah, it’s a long fall down.  No one is spared so cheer up. You’re not a slow learner. In fact, you are going to be surprised at how easy it is to switch gears in the way you think about “reality”.  There are many who have gone before us and made this shift successfully.  I hope you enjoy the next chapter of this “how to” article.




Book Review, submitted by Liz Haynie

This Book Review for The Monroe Institute Newsletter was written by Liz Haynie, Outreach Facilitator


I have to say this is a delicious little book. Reverend Martin thrilled me, saddened me, filled me with love and hope, and occasionally, righteous indignation. What more can you want? It’s not an adventure novel, but there were several exciting adventures in it. The manner in which she blended her own experiences into the narrative to illustrate important points gave heart to the book. And hope for the rest of us; hope that we too could walk this path with courage and love. Her love for humanity – all of it, even the warty knobby parts – shined through on every page.

The book is about “sacred” science and “hard” science, the historical conflicts and how they could be overcome if the science community could work through their objection to verifying results without physical data. There is no physical data to speak of in sacred science. Yet it works, and Reverend Martin gives us many examples. If you are not a student of metaphysics, you’re in for a wild ride!

Martin takes the reader on a journey through the controversy of quantum physics theory vs sacred science, in order to bring all parties to the discovery of the “theory of everything.” A lifelong mystic, she gives a brief review of consciousness and an intro to modern science which is intended to prepare the reader for what comes next: the realm of the mystic and a more universally spiritual understanding of what we call “reality.” Reverend Martin is neither a scientist nor a historian, so she builds this excursion using commonly understood terminology and information from many sources. Since the book is well sourced, the reader can continue their personal research if one chooses. She also peppers the text with suggestions for those who wish to broaden their own spiritual horizons. Further, Martin points out the issues which she believes are holding mankind back from the next great leap in human development.

Like many books about metaphysics and spirituality, this is not a quick read. It’s not meant to be gulped down between TV commercials. It is a book meant to be consumed by thoroughly chewing every bite. I hasten to point out the reader may not agree with every conclusion Martin draws, but the reader will recognize her energy and compassion throughout the read. Do I buy every point she’s selling? The jury’s still out. Did I enjoy the journey? Absolutely!

As the clock ticks, so does the message we share change, and hopefully become even richer in context

Dear Hearts, one and all, thank you for following me or checking in to see what this site has been about over the past several years.  It began as an invitation to explore the book that I was writing, and I shared chapters from the book as well as articles or information that was of interest in the sacred science rhelm.

I had a talk show for quite a while, on, called  The “Multiple You” Universe and I received such beautiful feedback from those of you who let me know you were listening to the show, again the subject was mostly sacred science and the story of how our consciousness is evolving during a period that looks more chaotic every day.  My site allowed us to advance our understanding of how we all need to begin changing the broken social systems referred to in the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard, an impressive futurist.

I am in the process of resetteling myself and want to let you know that I will be back in time, a short clicking of the minutes, hours, and days. When I return this site will be my primary location for all future communications.  I hope you will bookmark it and check back during the summer.  I should be back on-line by then.

Know that I am holding all of humanity in my heart’s resonant field because I believe that we are all in unity consciousness, even if we do not express the same beliefs and make the same choices as one another.

May you be blessed with joy, love, compassion for yourself and others.

Rev. Cassandra Martin, Independent New Thought


Book Review, 11/2015

The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century by Cassandra Lea Martin, 2013, 254 pp

Book Reviewed by Howard A. Jones, Ph.D and author of Evolution of Consciousness, Fairhill Publishing UK, 2012

Reverend Cassandra has used her professional experience as a Christian minister to interpret what she has gleaned from the worlds of quantum physics, philosophy and neurology to show how these disciplines all relate to the same cosmos and our place in it. The author clarifies the significance of her title at the start of the book. As a mystic who believes in reincarnation, she sees herself as a part of the community of selves who have successively incarnated through past ages.

The next point she makes is that all these selves have helped shape the soul that she is now. It is a fundamental principle of the universe that each of us undergoes a succession of lives in order to refine and develop our individual souls which together comprise a communal soul – The Multiple You Universe. This spiritual evolution represents a reciprocal relationship with the Divine inasmuch as each of us is a constituent part of the Collective or Communal Soul that is the Divine, so that we are in the Divine and the Divine is within us. What form does the Divine Communal Soul take? It is a universal consciousness that has existed from all time and will continue through all time.

This inextinguishable consciousness appears on the Earth plane in folk tales and myths, which are as significant in their way as science because they represent the aesthetic dimension of the human spirit. From a rational point of view, scientists now talk in terms of a universal quantum field, or spiritus quanta as the author calls it, equivalent to Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere and Jung’s collective unconscious. The author urges that every individual needs to be striving towards Teilhard de Chardin’s omega point, the point where each of us communes constantly with the cosmic consciousness in everything that we do. This realm of cosmic consciousness was described by the ancients as the akashic field.

We, as individuals, need to make positive contributors to this cosmic consciousness through our intention to work continually for the greater good. Volition or intention is shaped by our belief or faith, which also defines our vision of reality – we all live in a self-created world, for the external world that impacts on our senses has to be continually interpreted by our beliefs. Consciousness is energy and energy is both eternal and universal.

Chapter 6 on The Eternal Now builds on ideas from Eckhart Tolle and Buddhism; we have past and future streaming in the two directions of one dimension but everything merges in the eternal now, each event with its infinity of possibilities. Although the author is formally a minister of the Christian church, her philosophy is predominantly spiritual rather than dogmatically religious, and she talks constantly of “Christ consciousness”. She points up the very important differences between the world explained by science, which is deterministic, and the world of quantum physics, which is indeterministic and random. In quantum physics we can determine “laws” only from a huge number of observations which help us to establish a pattern.

Chapter 9 gives us an overview of some of the most important features of science relevant to spirituality. The author recounts past life experiences under hypnosis. Apart from her initial meditative experience that recalled past lives, she recounts more formal sessions of PLR with a hypnotist. There is an interesting discussion about the possibility of consciousness within DNA, such that it continually shapes our lives in a much more active way than merely through our hereditary genetic makeup. This would provide a mechanism for the contention that consciousness is primary to material creation. We now know through the work of Bruce Lipton and others that DNA operates continually in the human body through the agency of RNAs.

Part of the thesis herein is that it is necessary to have an evolving God in place of the unchanging and intransigent God of western religion. In later chapters the author moves into the realm of holofields – universal fields of the energy of consciousness that help shape our souls.

This is a readable book, very approachable, containing a wealth of ideas that help forge links between rational science and mystical spirituality.


Who are We?


Photo credit: Dr. June Weider

Photo credit: Dr. June Weider

The footsteps in this photo of a labyrinth overlap each other.  Just so, we are multiple versions of ourselves throughout the ages. Let me share a short excerpt from my book, released July, 2015:

Chapter 26: Mixed Spheres of Awareness, page 209.

 When you experience mixed spheres of time and consciousness you sample how others would have felt.  It takes tremendous practice to hone into an individual, and their experience, but it can be done if you are determined to explore this concept of One Time, One Being. Simply enter a labyrinth and focus upon the many footprints of those who have walked there before you.  The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol for contemplation. I walked a sandy labyrinth located at the Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest, California many times. I found great solace when I walked this labyrinth because I was lonely, and each time I entered it I felt a warm comfort envelop me.  You see, I transcended my expectation and allowed myself to experience the “now” of each walk.  In that “now stage of consciousness” I also accessed the Eternal Now of “when” the others, who had walked the labyrinth, had been there.  The comfort I felt wrap around me, I believed at the time, was the collective energy signature of these walkers.

[Now I am considering something slightly more advanced.  We may all be able to connect with one another around the world through our symbiotic relationship due to the conscious evolution occurring now,mentioned earlier as One Time, One Being.  If God is Consciousness, and Consciousness exists in the very fabric of space, we should consider that it is possible to link our conscious minds to one another in the future.  I have seen a vision of The Quantum Human, but I was only shown that we are currently evolving into that new species. The time it will take to succeed is not known to me, or others who have also sensed this ability to cocreate and commuicate.]

            It was on February 13, 2006,[1] that I received a two-part message while I walked through the labyrinth.  The experience gave me what I have begun to call the “teaching at the labyrinth”, and I was truly surprised at the depth of the content until I realized that I had received a “thought form” of information. [A thought-form can be a full package of information from the beginning of a thought to its conclusion, or  it can come to you in be bits and pieces; it depends upon your need to know at the moment when the experience is occuring. I have received thought-forms in rounds.  which means I get piece by piece, but in order so it builds the whole message at a rate that I can absorb and understand.

This is what I experienced that day.

            “The labyrinth is like a metaphor for life” I heard spoken softly in my ear. “People walk the path each carrying their burden basket and hoping for future clarity and peace. All different from each other they are, and yet the same on their quest.”

            As I looked down at the sand, I saw at least three or four sets of footprints beside my own barefooted prints. I realized that these others had searched for a personal moment of clarity, too. We had come to the same place but at different times. As we thought about our problem while walking into the center of the labyrinth, we traversed space and time as we remembered the situation, event, feelings, and people from our past. We utilized “access consciousness” as well as “emergentism”, in that our thoughts built upon one another to bring us to a new clarity we did not have originally.  Like an opportunity to expand our consciousness, we allowed some aspect of “Self” to transform us as we gained inner wisdom through the recall, this time from a new perspective.

            From this same diary entry I re-read: “As we follow the path it undulates like a river into altered states of awareness. We are able to open to the fullness of ourselves.  When we come to the altar in the center, we lay down our grief, pain, and previous confusion.  We are then filled mystically with gnosis.”[2]

[1] Recorded in Diary of Cassandra Martin, 23 February 2006

[2] Additional thoughts recorded in Diary of Cassandra Martin, 23 February 2006

Publishing The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century

Hello, dear hearts one and all!

I am pleased to tell you that I have finalized my book after five years of research and writing.  I just received my final proof, so all of you that have expressed an interest in the book can now order it on  You can also go to my author’s page directly.

I hope that you will take a moment and leave your thoughts about my effort to write a primer on Sacred Science.  I don’t know that anyone is ever truly qualified to accomplish such a task, but I was guided by my Divinity to write this book, and I have completed my sacred obligation.

I look forward to reading your reviews on

In loving goodwill, I honor your Divinity, and invite you to read my book.


“Multiple You” Universe – Look into Your Sacred Hearts

When I say that we have multiple Sacred Hearts, I simply mean that every life we  incarnate into gives us the opportunity to expand our understanding of personal purpose and builds a flexible perspective which allows us to be available for higher spiritual contact with guides and others who are interested in your progress.

The title of this post alerts us to the sacred heart in each of us that is connected to the earth and each other.  On the level of the Divine Self, it is capable of communicating with all lifeforms and others of consciousness.  We are energy beings. Because we exist in an energy hologram or matrix if you prefer, we do affect the whole planet, and we gain the wisdom needed to create within the world of energy.  You are able to cocreate a stronger resonance with anyone  you want to even now, without training, simply because energy is alive and your desire to interact opens the door to opportunity.  There is no limit to what energy can create, especially if the student is open to the study of sacred science.

Reincarnations are examples of Sacred Science

I have remembered nine incarnations.  In each of these lives I had an opportunity to work toward my spiritual awakening and ultimately, my transfiguration into a higher frequency. My ultimate goal is to transition out of the circle of human life and move into higher dimensions that will allow me to serve within a universal context.  When I named my book I wanted to nudge your subconscious in order for you to become aware of your own if the time is right.  Everybody has a Soul that lives in multiple versions.  This is possible because the universe is created from the root of conscious energy. Your subconscious mind knows the truth about everything.  We are learning more as we open to the possibilities that are now manifesting in this new century.

In each life our God-Nature provides us with multiple chances along our timeline to make a move out of local mind into nonlocal mind; and therefore into our spiritual nature. Professional hypnotherapists can guide you through your subconscious mind, nonetheless, I have experienced both spontaneous and induced recall events; and of the two, the spontaneous ones felt the most authentic.

I saw the person in the recall and within seconds I experienced a deep knowingness that this person and I were the same Soul.  In one case I felt the emotions and thoughts of the incarnated “self”. In others, I witnessed their lives.  In all of these cases I had serious life lessons to overcome and in most of the recall events I did not succeed, though I hope I made progress.

After each recall I asked myself if it were necessary to remember those lifetimes in which I succeeded, or made progress that set me on a higher frequency for my next life time; or simultaneous lifetime if you understand the concept of the Eternal Now.  I truly do believe that everyone is incarnating in cycles designed to bring them to a higher frequency in order to eventually serve life throughout the cosmos.

Our sacred heart energy is a real energy field. It is wonderful when you recall a past life but it is not a problem if you never remembered a different lifetime;  nor would it mean you were a poor student. The perfection of the universe does not waste anything and never makes a mistake in timing down to the nanosecond.

When left alone the conscious thread of creation remains in balance.  You’ve probably figured out that most of us call this thread “God”.  However, I am attempting to guide you to understand God via the creative medium of Sacred Science.  The study of Sacred Science is an opportunity for us to explore this conscious thread more deeply because it links into our heart chakras, into our individual sacred heart, and also into our collective heart, often referred to as a living field, the Akasha, in which we experience the truth of Oneness.

I encourage you to read more about this multi-faceted subject in my book, and in others written by wayshowers like Erwin Lazlo, Thomas Campbell, Bob Monroe, Brian Thomas Swimme, Alan Sasha Lithman, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Lynne McTaggart and Ken Wilber to name a few excellent resources for your own journey.

The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century is available in both book and electronic format. 

Thank you, dear hearts, for reading my story and that of our beloved planet as she ascends further into the Light of Oneness and Love.  We are all ascending.  The time is now.

Rev. Cassandra Martin, independent New Thought Minister


Final Artwork for Cover, Launch Date August 1, 2014

Launching in November, 2014